Recent Calls
Thu. May 28th 2015
Engine 73 and Medic 73 was called for a fire alarm.
Tue. May 26th 2015
Medic 73, Engine 73, Rescue 73, Rescue 273 was called for a MVA.
Fri. May 22nd 2015
Engine 73, Brush 73 and Medic 73 called for open burn.
Fri. May 22nd 2015
Medic 73, Engine 73 was called for lifting assists.
Thu. May 21st 2015
Medic 73, Engine 73 was called for a MVA.
News Headlines
Mon. Apr 6th 2020
FAQ for K-9 COVID-19 and other viruses.
Fri. Apr 3rd 2020
BackgroundThe 2019 novel (new) coronavirus, referred to Covid-19 was first identified in December 2019. A coronavirus is a type of virus that are common in many different species of animals including ...
Thu. Apr 2nd 2020
In response situations specific to COVID-19, patients may be asked to come outside if able, to meet the EMS crew.While this may not always be possible, this action minimizes exposure for EMS crews and...
Tue. Mar 31st 2020
Information on N-95 mask drop off.
Tue. Mar 31st 2020
Write up a medical history for each family member including allergies and current medication list.Have it available in case they-or you- has to go to the hospital for any reason. This is a good practi...

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